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Monday, December 19, 2011

Sore with SUSE...

I decided last night that I wanted to check out OpenSUSE gnome on my desktop computer. The reason for this was that I wanted to play around with the gnome extensions web-site, and create a really custom UI(user-interface). I have the gnome 3 UI on Linux Mint 12 working perfectly, but I cannot install extensions directly from the web-site. The web-site tells me that I need an updated version of gnome.

I honestly did not know what to expect from OpenSUSE. I have read some recent reviews that had pointed to openSUSE in a positive light, and I wanted to give it a try.

The First thing that blew me away was that it had a really cool graphical Holiday boot menu.

I thought this was a good sign, and that I would be able to install , and test the newest version of gnome 3 shell without a hitch. The problem is that I was wrong.
There was also another shocker that came with this install, and that was having to agree to a software agreement. I haven't had to do that since the last time that I installed an OEM version of Microsoft.

There were two main problems with OpenSUSE. For starters I was unable to boot into the gnome 3 shell, and was forced to boot into a gnome 2.3.+ fall back mode. My computer is by no means ready for retirement. I have an Nvidia mobo chipset, 2gb RAM, dual core ATI 64  bit CPU(although I chose to install the 32-bit version, because I only have 2gb RAM), and an Nvidia Geforce 210 1gb DDR3 GFX memory graphics card. I am taking this to mean that gnome 3 is not ready for all the hardware out there. I am doubting there is much I can do about this, except for be patient; and wait for the Linux community to code better gnome 3 hardware support.

Also when the install had finished I was greeted with only one Operating system, and that was the Non-working OpenSUSE. I have a half dozen other Linux distribution's installed on this PC, for various purposes. So what I chose to do was to re-install peppermint OS, because I had decided to try btrfs on it, but was not given the option to boot from it. I had assumed this was because Linux Mint 12 was unable to see the peppermintOS btrfs file-system.

I have not given up on NovellSUSE, but I am going to do more research, before I attempt to do another install. Perhapse I will try a KDE install next time. The only KDE OS I am running currently is Kubuntu on my net-book, which is working out quite well.

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