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Monday, June 4, 2012

bryan Lunduke w/ && theLAS going open-source...

Bryan's self-portrait.
Bryan Lunduke w/ && theLAS going open-source...

Let me first say that I have been a Huge fan of the Linux action sow since Ubuntu 10.10...;D I appreciate most every week Bryan's intelligence, common sense, and zany style when it comes to his passion for Linux, gaming, comic books, goats, and the freedom dimension.

Bryan is a Hard working is using his computer skills to support his wife and daughter. He also hosts for free the House of LundukeBBS telnet server, for nostalgic geeks who remember the Internet before interactive pictures, audio/txt/video of the web.

I would also add that Bryan's BBS is  running the server(netbook) that runs on his desk out of his own nostalgic goodness(out of his own pocket).

2299:The game Official trailer.

Last Monday(when I should have been writing this Blog post)Bryan made a pitch 2 get two thousand people to do recurring 2 dollar support monthly contributions. That would equal out 2 $4k/mo &  $48K/yr.; not including donations and regular sales.That would mean a slight pay-cut, but possibly more reliability in the long run. We were half way On Saturday.

I just got done watching the "Linux Acton Show" where Bryan spoke of Open-sourcing every piece of software/game under the GPL(GNU{GNU is not Unix} Public License). He also spoke of releasing the statistics win or fail. That excites me to see new Free Software(RMS approved...;D)open-source software, and games.

I was probably the last guy to buy the the "help a guy out" sale after Bryan was getting jerker around by a famous fruit company. So I got the first two issues Bryan's comic book "Rod sign hank" I am hoping if he goes GPL, he will be able to crowd-source some help to his projects; and have more time to work on "road-sign hank". Although Bryan also puts out a daily web comic for free. The software he uses that he wrote himself, is still only 5$(although I suspect not much Longer). If you like the comic book the game is only 5 dollars, much like Linux tycoon, or 2299 the game.

I wish I could give even 2 dollars a month, but unfortunately after this month, I am job searching again. I have been gathering signatures for future legislation in MA, but there is not much time left of that.  I heartily promote free/low cost entertainment/software/gaming. I am going to buy the humble indie bundle today, along with Linux tycoon, and the comic creator. I also remember back to just one year ago when Bryan's Illumination was one of the first 6 apps available to pay for from the Ubuntu S0oftware center, along with Fluendo codec/DVD players and Vendetta.

BLABA:video game creator

Radical Comic Designer

 Click here 4 the already open-source:LundukeSDK wiki

Click here 4 the forums:

Here is the Blog post announcing the drive to GPL Brian's software:Please Donate!

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