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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Humble indie bundle...only one week left.

Humble-Indie bundle...only one week left...

I want none of our readers no matter what platform they use to lose out on this incredible Bundle.

I will talk briefly about what games I am most looking FWD 2, my thought's on the USC(Ubuntu-software-Ctr.) installations, && a little bit of controversy surrounding one of the games and where I stand personally on that issue. Especially as a recent purchaser of the Humble Bundle-V.I definitely wanted to play all of these games before I publish this review; so I can talk about it in the post this time around.

While I could have said forget writing another Blog post about the humble-bundle, I decided it's my duty as a geek to write about games I enjoy on a free-software platform. I will also speak about some of the possible far-reaching consequences of the Humble-bundle to the Linux/BSD communities.

I would also really like to see the humble bundle folks to make widgets that Bloggers such as us can embed within their web-pages. That we we could get spontaneous && hopefully close to instantaneous facts, and figures about who is giving more, how many bundles have been sold, how many days left...etc..

When this will be posted there will be about 9 days left with well over 3 Million dollars for great charities like the FSF(free software foundation), and child's play charity. Linux has consistently won in donations where the Users have the choice to pay as much or little as they so choose. I believe that this is the case for two reasons: one>Linux folks don't have to pay outrageous fees for their hardware/software, so they have extra cash for games, and B>we're sick of getting looked over by companies making AAA titles.

I had mixed results with the ubuntu software center. So please do yourself a favour and only pay for one game @ a time, although I am sure they will work all of that out in time. Also please note that in my opinion the more private(paid software private repositories)that you have on a system, the Longer your update command will work. I often stop just the private * PPAs so that my updates go faster. Although this could just be my horrible Internet connection once again. 

Although all that will change once Linux gets steam, and the source engine for Linux natively. I think this could start the famous Bell curve for Linux. two things that could accelerate this trend even more is if Linux gets seen as enough market share to make adobe fully supported on *NIX systems, or if NetFlix(a co. w/ Linux behind the scenes to run the streaming)were to drop Silverlight making Netflix instantly compatible with most computer platforms. While that is a best case scenario, it does fall within the realm of plausible within the next five years. Especially with the vavaldi/Ubuntu open-source tablets in the near future. Also Ubuntu will look mighty attractive to NetFlix once they start shipping to people's home with an OpenOS.

Who knows one day  there might be a fair and balanced market between "community-supported software", and "corporation developed software". In the more short term I am drooling over the games I have recently downloaded. Although that is subjective, because these are pretty large games compared to previous bundles. Psychonauts is 4.4GB with really intensive gfx. There are really only two games that will work on my netbook more than likely:Limbo, and superbrothers sword and sorcery. All of the other games should play fine on my desktop as soon as I get them. I hope that will be soon. I managed to get superbrothers:sword & sorcery and Limbo, and Bastion  installed on the desktop.

To install Bastion from the .sh file just type this command into the terminal while located within the download directory:

$ sudo bash ./ <enter> <password>

follow the on-screen works fine to keep the defaults, and check register the software upon installation.

I recommend either Vuze, or deluge bit-torrent clients within Linux. This way you help take some of the server costs upon yourselves as part of the community. Torrenting legally has a purpose like to share your favorite Internet show...say...the LinuxActionShow(LAS). I am also torrenting all of the soundtracks, once again seeding until the close of the humbleBundleV.

There was a little bit of controversy surrounding the game Limbo. Basically the developers worked with the codeWeavers project(paid support--customization of wine) to wrap the neat little game inside of a wine wrapper. Although to be fair it is distributed as a 32 or 64bit  .deb/.rpm files for end of distribution. Also if the installer for bastion just compiles a temporary .deb package on Ubuntu

I played the first deaths round on Bastion, and I know I could get hooked way too easily. It ran great on my Desktop HP Ubuntu 12.04LTS. I did manage to get my dart gun, shield, and hammer. :D

In Sword brothers:sword & sorcery didn't really hold my attention, which is weird b/c usually I luv pix-elated old-school styled games. In the games story it explained that the entire game takes 35-45mt.

In Limbo I was able to make the little shadow boy, jump over a moat and that was that. I will probably end up watching some you-tube videos on how to kick butt in Limbo. The launching, smooth audio/video, and a clean shut-down, along with no lag between menus. All thanks to the Code-Weavers project.  Although I don't really mind a well working whine wrapped in a .deb Debian package, but I did sign the partition to try to keep as much of the games as native as possible in Linux. I also think source-tarbell, .rpm, and .deb should be the only really needed packages should keep 95%. These are all my opinions.

I played Amnesia, for just a few minutes. I didn't need to play it very long to be blown away, and to feel my future free time slipping away...

I was slightly limited by space available in my different distrobutions on my desktop PC. the only distro w/ enough space was my KDEmint. Although the installer finished unlike Ubuntu, I was unable to successfully launch the game. I don't mind it being so huge, because the cut-scenes looked really entertaining.


The humble-bundle foldks have added three more games to the humble-bundleV:Super-meat boy, Braid, and Lone Survivor. Superr-meat boy and braid are already available in the ubuntu software-center(I also wrote about them in my post about the humble-bundle4. Braid was a downloaded from the x-box360 game for a while, and Braid has consistently topped the charts of the most bought Ubuntu game. Lone-survivor looks to be a retro 16-bit styled, post-apocalyptic survivor hallucination story.

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