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Friday, June 22, 2012

security_class_101 Day_2

security 101:
Day 2: 

LastPass is my cloud based Password data-base management application. I personally use KeePassX for local, and LastPass for my Internet passwords alone. I like different features in either app better. The major advantages to LastPass are the full range of Browser compatibility(IE,Opera, chrome/chromium, safari).  The browsers it does not play well with are:Maxthon, Avant, and a bunch of the Linux web-browsers(epiphany{gnome}midori), while a bunch of Linux browsers are based on the source code of firefox.

I will say that I am reviewing this from a free user perspective. If anyone wants to see a review of the pro, and how yubiKey works with LastPass. Although Hak5 has done a bunch of episodes on using yubiKey's, and LastPass.

LastPass advantages:

~ compliant w/ all of the major operating systems:Linux/mac/windows/BSD(sadly no haiku)

~ has a two factor authentication w/ cards, to perform two factor auth. with the free version.

~ has a security check for checking the strength of your passwords.
(there were three fast screens that flew by encrypting passwords, sending passwords, calculating password strength...)

~share the results to brag to your friend's or like in my case be disappoint by a mere 86%...:~{

~ Imports from almost any format, but doesn't export into many formats.



~  Secure notes for keeping "secret" Lists.
(you can also copy/paste anything in one of thise lists you want.)

~ one click filling of form-data
(although I use AutoKey 2 automate strokes portably from inside a encrypted volume)

~Generate secure Passwords...
The LastPass Password generator, to give you an unlimited amount of random passwords.
 ~ It is my opinion that LastPass strength's lay in Cross-platform/browser, security check you can share with your friend's, a strong encryption focus. You can also use your Last Pass from the local Encrypted Vault. The Vault does work off-Line from your web-browser, but will alert you to off-Line being used. So even if Last Pass is doing maintenance, your still golden. I use my KeePassX local Linux password data-base, to fill in the Master-Password for my LastPass every time I log into most any of my browsers(I like Maxthon/Avant, Midori, and Epiphany as well...:/).

Although I think the main advantage from using any kind of password dataBase, is going to be the ease of use it is for (possibly-incompentent non-tech. users)to enter propperly strong passwords, and to easily change them if they find out their NT was attacked. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

security Class101:Day 1 KeePassX && Linux

 Using KeePassX 2 increase your security in Linux

I have been using KeePassX for my passWord data-base manager, for over a year now. That not only means that my pass-words are as long and complicated as possible, and all completely unique. Although I sometimes use web-services like twitter, google, my launchpad Oauth link, or facebook to login to my passwords. I have been switching one of these per week, which makes cracking my passwords, highly unlikely.

I like to make notes during the creation of an account, any information I found out about what types of passwords the data-base supports. I really wish there were simple tags on web-sites when creating passwords so I can know the most complicated I can make the passwords. Which I have found in the past, but it is generally rare.

You can easily install KeePassX on any GNU/Debian/Ubuntu(Linux) by running the command:

$ sudo apt-get install keepassx



(install keepass2 for more M$ compatibility)

I do want to make clear that KeePassX is compatible w/ LastPass, but not many windows/mac based password managers. Since I use only Linux keePassX is perfect for my situation.

I usually keep keePassX on my toolbar dock. In Unity or Gnome-shell just open the application(app), then just right click and select "lock to panel" or similar command in "G-S".

So you may ask why I use keePassX and LastPass. I say that I like having my web-passwords mainly kept in LastPass, while I like the extra options for generating passwords, and there are other passwords that I only keep in my KeePassX data-base. Some of these passwords are: SSHkeys, IceCast Server, LastPass Master-Password(My LastPass Never remembers my Password, so I have 2 copy it in each time), and my public-pvt. OpenGPG keys.

Power-user top:

Ctrl + P generate semi-random password.

You can also check/uncheck options like:

allows you to do custom characters, exclude look-alike characters, make sure the passwords contain char. from different groups.

you compare and tell me. 

Also if you do like me and generate passwords from KeePassX, then all it takes is clicking that "save site" in the box that drops down from LastPass in your browser. From that point onwards you can just click "auto-fill to fill in your pass-words. Then just click the regular "log-in" button to get logged in.

the lock screen. You must unlock, before your next copy/paste. I set my desktop to be very lenient; while my net-book keePassX locks and deletes the paste buffer. 

you could also use a stupid-complicated password in a text file, called a keyFile.

What I highly recommend in getting started w/ a secure pass-word data-base is to make a list of your most often used/needed passwords: Here would be my list:

~Google/twitter/Facebook/OpenAuth(my OpenID Link 2 my LaunchpadID)
~tumblR/wordPress/ notebook)/diigo(highlighting)

That is a lot, but I share a lot of articles on the Net. Most people will probably only need a dozen or so passwords to be satisfied, especially w/ most web apps having facebook, twitter, google, && OpenID link. Along w/ a few like E-bay, Amazon, and Pay-pal. Although I would suggest getting a second factor authentication token for your on-line banking either from your $ site(paypal for example), or get a yubi-key for $20 tied to your LastPass.

read fields for tips. repeat is red, because it does not match the first PW field.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evil CSS vs. Open CSS and why M$ is doomed to fail...

Evil CSS vs. Open CSS and why M$ is doomed to fail...

#written by:Kevin James Lausen for Http://open-source—
#I only had time to write the article, but not the tags, sharing, and so on b4 leaving for work this #morning.
#feel free to use any/all of this article it will be up on my blog by night-fall...

My first step is going to have to be to define Evil CSS, as well as it's saintly brother Open CSS. Evil CSS I(personally) define as “corporation supported software”, as well as “community supported software”. I came up with the idea of “community supported software” after attempting and failing to teach people what FLOSS(Free/Libre Open-source software). On the flip side of the coin, I have found that when I tell them Linux is a “community supported software” platform the concept seems to stick.

Ways to get support in Open Vs. Evil CSS:

~buy a book or magazine about the Window$ or Adobe software you need help with.
~There are usually more You-tube videos for closed source projects because they are @ the moment more popular.
~Call the sometimes toll-free number on the back of the products package.
~There are User groups, and Blogs dedicated to any kind of software.

~Blogs(Muktware, Open-source—construction, OMGubuntu, webUpd8)
~Podcasts(audio and video)(Linux action show{jupiter-broadcasting-Bryan Lunduke && Chris Fisher}, FLOSS weekly{}, Osalt{nixie-pixel rev3})
~User Groups(UseNet does still exhist)
~E-mail lists.(open to the public unlike many Evil CSS mailing lists are internal only)
~Personal developer web-site(
~community forums(Linux forums
~IRC(Internet-Relay Chat) The original free Internet chat, where you can chat directly w/ your software's developers.
~Man(manual) pages. Now also on-line, and built into your Linux distribution. (where the old-school hacker term RTFM—read the freaking manual came from)
~Word of mouth. Generally your super geeky friend's are using Linux, and are willing to share their knowledge and time with you to further “Open CSS”.

Besides the many more ways to get support from a passionate community of users, there are many other reasons I think OpenCSS Linux, is going to trounce EvilCSS. The number one I believe is that Linux is going to be the go to gaming platform of the next century. This is mainly to do with a native steam client able to run the core steam games(portal, half-life, counter-strike...etc), as well as a great show of interest from Ubisoft, and EA games for Ubuntu(Linux). The Humble-indie-bundle has consistently proven that Linux users have extra $ to pay for great games. We have extra money because we don't pay the extortion rates of Micro$oft, Apple, or Adobe.

The other main reason I believe that Micro$oft is going to fail is the cost of Upgrade. Windows 8 is going to be 64-bit ONLY. That means that you are going to need a minimum of 4gb of RAM, with a preferred amount of 8gb or more. One of the major problems with 64-bit on windows, is that Mal-ware scans are going to take days, instead of hours; because 64-bit files are generally much larger. So that makes running a 64-bit Window$ system on a HDD impractical. That means you will need to upgrade @ least your Operating System partition on an SSD(Solid State Drive). So in order to upgrade my desktop computer to Windows 8 I would have to buy an SSD($150+),memory($80+), on top of the minimum hundred dollars to Lease(License) your software. The main draw-back is that you never truly Own all of the software on your computer.

I also want to briefly mention that there are entire countries(Russia, China, and Germany), that are either moving away from Microsoft's vendor lock-in; or have even written Laws to out-law Microsoft software. I would also like to mention that Microsoft software is not allowed in Google, although Apple is because it has roots in Unix. Unix is the grand-Father Operating system, before all of the modern pretty graphics started showing up.

I don't really know if the terms I enjoy using to explain free software will become popular, or enrage the FLOSS community; but I have found them to be the best way to teach the foundational concepts of Free software to Microsoft or Apple prone users.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Humble indie bundle...only one week left.

Humble-Indie bundle...only one week left...

I want none of our readers no matter what platform they use to lose out on this incredible Bundle.

I will talk briefly about what games I am most looking FWD 2, my thought's on the USC(Ubuntu-software-Ctr.) installations, && a little bit of controversy surrounding one of the games and where I stand personally on that issue. Especially as a recent purchaser of the Humble Bundle-V.I definitely wanted to play all of these games before I publish this review; so I can talk about it in the post this time around.

While I could have said forget writing another Blog post about the humble-bundle, I decided it's my duty as a geek to write about games I enjoy on a free-software platform. I will also speak about some of the possible far-reaching consequences of the Humble-bundle to the Linux/BSD communities.

I would also really like to see the humble bundle folks to make widgets that Bloggers such as us can embed within their web-pages. That we we could get spontaneous && hopefully close to instantaneous facts, and figures about who is giving more, how many bundles have been sold, how many days left...etc..

When this will be posted there will be about 9 days left with well over 3 Million dollars for great charities like the FSF(free software foundation), and child's play charity. Linux has consistently won in donations where the Users have the choice to pay as much or little as they so choose. I believe that this is the case for two reasons: one>Linux folks don't have to pay outrageous fees for their hardware/software, so they have extra cash for games, and B>we're sick of getting looked over by companies making AAA titles.

I had mixed results with the ubuntu software center. So please do yourself a favour and only pay for one game @ a time, although I am sure they will work all of that out in time. Also please note that in my opinion the more private(paid software private repositories)that you have on a system, the Longer your update command will work. I often stop just the private * PPAs so that my updates go faster. Although this could just be my horrible Internet connection once again. 

Although all that will change once Linux gets steam, and the source engine for Linux natively. I think this could start the famous Bell curve for Linux. two things that could accelerate this trend even more is if Linux gets seen as enough market share to make adobe fully supported on *NIX systems, or if NetFlix(a co. w/ Linux behind the scenes to run the streaming)were to drop Silverlight making Netflix instantly compatible with most computer platforms. While that is a best case scenario, it does fall within the realm of plausible within the next five years. Especially with the vavaldi/Ubuntu open-source tablets in the near future. Also Ubuntu will look mighty attractive to NetFlix once they start shipping to people's home with an OpenOS.

Who knows one day  there might be a fair and balanced market between "community-supported software", and "corporation developed software". In the more short term I am drooling over the games I have recently downloaded. Although that is subjective, because these are pretty large games compared to previous bundles. Psychonauts is 4.4GB with really intensive gfx. There are really only two games that will work on my netbook more than likely:Limbo, and superbrothers sword and sorcery. All of the other games should play fine on my desktop as soon as I get them. I hope that will be soon. I managed to get superbrothers:sword & sorcery and Limbo, and Bastion  installed on the desktop.

To install Bastion from the .sh file just type this command into the terminal while located within the download directory:

$ sudo bash ./ <enter> <password>

follow the on-screen works fine to keep the defaults, and check register the software upon installation.

I recommend either Vuze, or deluge bit-torrent clients within Linux. This way you help take some of the server costs upon yourselves as part of the community. Torrenting legally has a purpose like to share your favorite Internet show...say...the LinuxActionShow(LAS). I am also torrenting all of the soundtracks, once again seeding until the close of the humbleBundleV.

There was a little bit of controversy surrounding the game Limbo. Basically the developers worked with the codeWeavers project(paid support--customization of wine) to wrap the neat little game inside of a wine wrapper. Although to be fair it is distributed as a 32 or 64bit  .deb/.rpm files for end of distribution. Also if the installer for bastion just compiles a temporary .deb package on Ubuntu

I played the first deaths round on Bastion, and I know I could get hooked way too easily. It ran great on my Desktop HP Ubuntu 12.04LTS. I did manage to get my dart gun, shield, and hammer. :D

In Sword brothers:sword & sorcery didn't really hold my attention, which is weird b/c usually I luv pix-elated old-school styled games. In the games story it explained that the entire game takes 35-45mt.

In Limbo I was able to make the little shadow boy, jump over a moat and that was that. I will probably end up watching some you-tube videos on how to kick butt in Limbo. The launching, smooth audio/video, and a clean shut-down, along with no lag between menus. All thanks to the Code-Weavers project.  Although I don't really mind a well working whine wrapped in a .deb Debian package, but I did sign the partition to try to keep as much of the games as native as possible in Linux. I also think source-tarbell, .rpm, and .deb should be the only really needed packages should keep 95%. These are all my opinions.

I played Amnesia, for just a few minutes. I didn't need to play it very long to be blown away, and to feel my future free time slipping away...

I was slightly limited by space available in my different distrobutions on my desktop PC. the only distro w/ enough space was my KDEmint. Although the installer finished unlike Ubuntu, I was unable to successfully launch the game. I don't mind it being so huge, because the cut-scenes looked really entertaining.


The humble-bundle foldks have added three more games to the humble-bundleV:Super-meat boy, Braid, and Lone Survivor. Superr-meat boy and braid are already available in the ubuntu software-center(I also wrote about them in my post about the humble-bundle4. Braid was a downloaded from the x-box360 game for a while, and Braid has consistently topped the charts of the most bought Ubuntu game. Lone-survivor looks to be a retro 16-bit styled, post-apocalyptic survivor hallucination story.

Monday, June 4, 2012

bryan Lunduke w/ && theLAS going open-source...

Bryan's self-portrait.
Bryan Lunduke w/ && theLAS going open-source...

Let me first say that I have been a Huge fan of the Linux action sow since Ubuntu 10.10...;D I appreciate most every week Bryan's intelligence, common sense, and zany style when it comes to his passion for Linux, gaming, comic books, goats, and the freedom dimension.

Bryan is a Hard working is using his computer skills to support his wife and daughter. He also hosts for free the House of LundukeBBS telnet server, for nostalgic geeks who remember the Internet before interactive pictures, audio/txt/video of the web.

I would also add that Bryan's BBS is  running the server(netbook) that runs on his desk out of his own nostalgic goodness(out of his own pocket).

2299:The game Official trailer.

Last Monday(when I should have been writing this Blog post)Bryan made a pitch 2 get two thousand people to do recurring 2 dollar support monthly contributions. That would equal out 2 $4k/mo &  $48K/yr.; not including donations and regular sales.That would mean a slight pay-cut, but possibly more reliability in the long run. We were half way On Saturday.

I just got done watching the "Linux Acton Show" where Bryan spoke of Open-sourcing every piece of software/game under the GPL(GNU{GNU is not Unix} Public License). He also spoke of releasing the statistics win or fail. That excites me to see new Free Software(RMS approved...;D)open-source software, and games.

I was probably the last guy to buy the the "help a guy out" sale after Bryan was getting jerker around by a famous fruit company. So I got the first two issues Bryan's comic book "Rod sign hank" I am hoping if he goes GPL, he will be able to crowd-source some help to his projects; and have more time to work on "road-sign hank". Although Bryan also puts out a daily web comic for free. The software he uses that he wrote himself, is still only 5$(although I suspect not much Longer). If you like the comic book the game is only 5 dollars, much like Linux tycoon, or 2299 the game.

I wish I could give even 2 dollars a month, but unfortunately after this month, I am job searching again. I have been gathering signatures for future legislation in MA, but there is not much time left of that.  I heartily promote free/low cost entertainment/software/gaming. I am going to buy the humble indie bundle today, along with Linux tycoon, and the comic creator. I also remember back to just one year ago when Bryan's Illumination was one of the first 6 apps available to pay for from the Ubuntu S0oftware center, along with Fluendo codec/DVD players and Vendetta.

BLABA:video game creator

Radical Comic Designer

 Click here 4 the already open-source:LundukeSDK wiki

Click here 4 the forums:

Here is the Blog post announcing the drive to GPL Brian's software:Please Donate!

All of these images have been linked in from

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Noob Ubuntu install party...

the now endangered pangolin...
Noob Ubuntu Install party.....

I might be exaggerating a bit when I say noob. She's been using Ubuntu since @ least Karmic Koala. She just had a different friend install it for her. By install it I mean install it badly...

There were actually three separate SWAP partitions.  SWAP is what caches the applications, along with the Main system memory. I had to use the built in "disc tools" && "Gparted" to delete & set new partition boundaries,  and the Ubuntu installer 2 set format/mount points:35(GB) /(root/base of the file system)/(100gb /home). I like keeping the system files(that keep the Operating system operating), separate from the user files/settings. That way even if the noob user fills their hard drive w/ different Linux distributions they want to try the operating system will keep well...Operating.

official logo

Although she is new to the Unity interface. She has never really taken to multiple workspaces, until 12.04 Precise Pangolin. I also showed it off to her friend who is always asking me about why her window$ computer does crazy things. I haven't Used windows in almost 6 months...:/

I always make sure that codec/dvd support are configured, along w/ all updates. I also did the fastest server test. I set the updates to security(auto update/install), regular updates weekly, and kept it LTS(Long-term support 4 the next 5 years version updates only selected. I installed very few apps:Google chrome/talk-plugin, FBreader(e-book, pdf, epub...etc reader), synaptic(mainly so she can search wallpapers & get former Ubuntu/Gnome/KDE wallpapers. The initial backup of the /home folder(w/ the downloads folder included) to her external hdd. Before the backup, we backed up a dying Ipod and verified that her Ipod-touch works perfectly.

baby pangolin...their @ least cut when their Little.
All in all the whole operation was about 3 1/2 hours long give/take. It would have been much faster w/ My readt to go USB thumb drive. On older laptops it is common for the BIOS to have options for USB HDD, USB CDrom, USB super disk, but none of those options work. As was the case yesterday when my usb flash drive, and external DVD burner refused to boot the OS. I ended up installing from the HP from the internal combo drive.

Overall this was one of the smoothest installations I have done in a long time.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thank you Bryan Lunduke from Radialbreeze

First I want to thank Bryan Lunduke independent software/comic-book creator and co-host of the Linux Action show.

He has been getting jerked around by the world's largest fruit co.

Don't believe me go check it out for yourself...

Although some accuse him of "being negative in the freedom dimension", he open-sourced his Lunduke_SDKsoftware development kit, Lunduke_compiler, Lunduke_forums,  Lunduke_Language; which form the basis for an application building software called the "illumination software creator". Which is basically software that writes for software. It is an easy way to turn a diagram of what you want your software to do, into an actual app that will work on almost any platform available. Also you can run the program from Linux, as source, Ubuntu-Linux, RPM redhat/fedora/SUSE, windows, and even osx. Even though they are determined not to pay him for his time. I finally got a copy for myself. My roommate has it on her computer, when a name your own price sale was going; so I have already looked at some of the tutorials. Also illumination is now, and possibly forever on a "pay what you feel it is worth($5-100) sale."

Bryan also writes a really neat web-comic called 2299 8-bit comic strip where all of the characters are space-ships. follow him at twitter to keep up w/ the daily web-comics. I was able to get a copy of the game based upon this web-comic: 2299:The Game.

Although I am genuinely more satisfied to Bryan's comic "road-sign Hank & the alien".
 I have been hearing about it for many moon's now on LAS, but waiting to have even a few extra dollars. I am even more hoping for more renditions of Road-sign hank, and the Aliens~! I almost forgot to mention that Bryan's software was/is/always will be drm free. Bryan respects the user's right to help spread the word of his comic

The only thing I did not get in the Save_his_house_from_Apple sale, was bryan's beta app. the Linux Tycoon: Linux builder's like I said in beta so it's only four mere dollars, and it might go up to five one it's out of beta testing.

Bryan is a goat-hearder, nerd, and comic creator. Bryan is so old-school he runs a forum, and a BBS...
I follow him on
RSS feeds
facebook/G+: Bryan Lunduke

my Jan. 1st OSc show...

Introduction segment:

Welcome to open-source construction...

We are here today to talk about building computer skills with open-source software.

I want to first welcome all of my guests today, who are privileged to catch our very first episode.
I am broadcasting today from Cambridge, MA near Boston on the first Sunday of the year 2012. I thought this day would be a very symbolic launch date for our new channel.

I chose the name OSC_T.V. for my channel after my Blog( open-source construction. open-source construction is also the name of this community as a whole.
I chose the name open-source construction to represent my community, because I want to help people to build computer skills, with open-source software tools. The best part is that if you are watching me, right now you already have a construction site of your own...your computer. Because you are watching this broadcast it also means that you have Internet access, which means you have access to all of the tools that you will need to Learn about your computer with us.

I want to take a moment and say that here @ open-source construction, we will never judge your choice of Operating system platform. I honestly don’t care whether you choose to use windows, mac, or Linux. What I do care about, is that you are Learning about your computer using open-source software.
Although I will admit that I know very little about using a mac OSX computer. I know windows, and Linux quite well.

Are there any Linux fans in the audience today?

How many of you are using a mac, or windows Operating system?

If anyone wants to know what flavor or distro.(short for distribution) that I use, I use primarily debian/Ubuntu based distribution’s. My favorite distribution is Linux mint 12, which I am using right now. I am primarily a gnome user, although I sometimes use KDE, or LXDE Desktop Environment. A DE(or desktop environment) is a fancy way of saying User interface. I multi-boot many different Linux distro’s on my net-book, and my desktop computer. many have special purposes, such as Mythbuntu for using my HP multimedia ctr. PC as a T.V. tuner.

I want to take a moment and let people know where they can follow OSC on their favorite social Networks.

~Twitter: osconstructinl
Twitter is where I follow (OS)software announcements-newsletters, and tweet about my Blog posts.
I would really appreciate it if I can get some of my viewers today to “Like” my group so that you can keep in touch with on your facebook.
~Google+: open-source construction;
On Google+ what I am looking for is people to Circle my page so they can follow me, as well as +1 as many stories that I share as possible.
~reddit: 0sconstruction(please note that the first character is a “Zero”);
I get a ton of material for my Blog, and inspiration for this show from reddit. Reddit lets you vote up or down, the stories that you like or dis-like.
My favorite subRedits are:
technology, technewstoday, techsnap, cyberlaws
google, google+, googlechrome, firefox, software,
Linux, linux4noobs, linuxactionshow, mintcast,
todayilearned, WTF, && askreddit
~Digg: open-source construction;
I get a ton of topics from I am a consistent leader in the digg open-source newsroom. Usually I am in the top three. I like how digg rewards you with emblems for reading, commenting, and submitting high quality stories.

**I have also created a youtube channel for open-source construction, where my videos will get reposted, after I have finished with Ustream. **

***Also note that I am using Google Docs, and evernote to research, and write the notes for today's broadcast. My evernote Username is turtle_711.***

Main topic: What is open-source?

the GNU foundation definition of free software:

>>>What are the 4 freedom’s of software...

open-source initiative definition:

>>>10 qualifications to be approved by the open-source initiative...

>>>copy left vs. Non-copy left (why not copy-right???)...

>>>What is gratis software?

>>>did you know that freeWare is most of the time not even open-source developed, or shared to the greater Internet community to allow for innovation...

>>>the war between open-source software && free-software???...

>>>How does open-source prevent “Vendor Lock-in”???

Their underlying motives, and principles almost perfectly coincide with each other. The main & simplest difference between open-source software, and free software is that; open-source software took the implied openness of the code, and added open-development & education services.

...the open-source education...

 RMS talks about the philosephy of open-source software...

Let’s not be open-source free-loaders...

There is a chance for anyone, of any skill level to help the community. Let’s try not to complain unless there is thought behind, possible improvements. Let’s try as open-source users to be corteous to all of our fellow software users.
protect_I.P. how it breaks down...

Sub-topic: SOPA/PIPA

Stop SOPA! A Plea from the Inventors of the Internet

reactOS, a very beta stage product to better run windows sofware, from the ground up; but this time it will be much more naturally usable...I am hoping that it could run my zune software, my legos games(including...Legos_on-line), or even another challenge to...

What if a fully GNU Licensed project could be developed to run macOSX totally from scratch(because remember apple would never release their source code into the public...

2 general questions for mac users asked to the chat room???

>>what is the rename keyboard shortcut on a mac??

>>what do people think of the “natural scrolling”???

I also gave a quick 5 minute talk on how to switch windows with a really handy keyboard method. I went over using the alt-tab switch. I forgot to mention the windows key(“Super” key in Linux) will often activate a seperate graphical effect like on compiz I like ring switcher, and windows vista & 7 has the 3D flip. I think I might have forgotten to mention that you can use the shift to switch between other modes...