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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Linux Mint 12 review: pt. 3 (A) 10 things 2 do after fresh install.

I would like to start this post with the first things that I do after a clean install.

1~update video drivers
2~initial update
3~Disable auto-run
4~ set up any necessary User accounts/permissions.
5~change the default Wallpaper.
6~Install DropBox to sync my documents.
7~ modify mouse settings.
8~set nautilus to open folders w/ a single click
9~ set the power/screen settings.
10~ modify my  Firefox && chrome web-browsers to suit my needs.

One of the greatest things about Linux mint, is that you don't have to install your codecs to be able to play your media manually after installation. 

CODEC:  " co der- dec oder" a piece of software that is installed to decode your media files. Fore example MP3. 

1)update to the newest stable video drivers since I have an Nvidia graphics accelerator card. Nvidia Geforce 210. Cheapest card I could get that was slim enough to fit, a gigabyte of video memory, and HDMI/VGA/DVI.

Searching for available drivers...
I always choose to activate the recommended driver version.
2) initial update. This takes the longest, but is the most crucial.

Your update time may vary, based on your Connection speed to the Internet. 
If you are really curious  about what files Linux Mint is downloading,
click the Right arrow to open up this dialogue. 

The first window of the update manager.

Taking a peek at where the real work getting done in Linux Mint 12

I hope you enjoy this Blog post, and be sure to check out part B...

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