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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Extension Tuesday: Stumble_Upon

I decide to try to make Tuesday a day to write about some of my favourite browser extensions. I really woke up feeling like Tuesday was feeling like an extension of Monday. So I decided to turn Tuesday's Bloog's for a while, about web-browsesr extension articles.

Most of the picks that I will choose will be available for many different browsers. Many firefox extensions that I will be talking about(that I use in firefox), can be used in chrome or opera. Some of them can even be used in safari or IE. Although my focus will be mainly firefox/chrome/opera extensions.

Today I am using Linux mint 11 on a Dell D630 laptop. 

interest survey
I have used Stumble upon for over five years now. StumbleUpon takes you through a survey of your specific interests when you start.

Once they have your interests you can be sent to a random corner of the Internet universe. You can stumble the Internet based on  all your interests, or a specific topic you are interested in. I could stuble through software or computers in general for example.

One of the great things about stumbleUpon is the thumbs up/down of various stories.
notice the like it button under the cursor. Right of that is the thumbs down button. Left of it is the stumble button. All lets you select a category to stumble. 

The next two screen shots show what happens when you thumbs up something for the first time.

You are always asked whether the link is safe for work or not.

the full review lets you right a review of the Link, as well as add tags to the Link. 

 StumbleUpon also has some great integration for sharing to twitter. facebook, and to e-mail addresses. They used to have linked in, and I wish I could share to many other services like: Digg, or reddit.

stumblUpon shortens links w/

you can choose wether to share to your wall, yourfriend's wall, a group, a facebook pvt. msg., or to a page you created.

PRO TIP: use the ctrl.+ F11 key to Toggle the tool-bar out of sight on Firefox. On other platforms you don't have this option. Other browsers you have to click on the SU icon to toggle the toolbar. 

 StmbleUpon has extensions for the Fire fox, chrome(chromium), IE, Opera, and even Apple's safari. There are also available options for the ios, and android mobile platforms as well.

Download Stumble upon for your browser now.
Link to install stumble Upon if you are using Opera. 

I am highly pleased with the way stumbleUpon has been serving up great content, so that I can fuel my brain with topics for my Blog. As well as the sharing features I use everyday now, are begining to show my Blog a fair amounnt of traffic. If you want to look up my stumbleUpon profile I am Gazzo0, I am the picture of Gazoo from the Flintstones. StumbleUpon has 20+ million users sharing the kinds of links that they like. This is the best social Link sharing service I have ever used.

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