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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OSC: social humb day post update.

My Hump day...

I wanted to talk today about my social routine on-line, since I started my Blog.

I have also been spending 3-4 hours of my day doing research in articles I come across. I have chosen the social networks that I am keeping up with.

  • reddit> 0sconstruction
  • digg> Open-source construction
  • twitter> osConstruction
  • facebook(fan/personal pg.) > Kevin J Lausen /
  • Google+(personal/fan pg.) > Kevin Lausen / open source construction
  • stumbleUpon > Gazzo0
  • Delicious > > osConstruction
I am also looking into several distro's for review right now...

 I have also been hooked on a lot of pod-casts right now:

There are many other great shows on all of these Networks. It's just that these are my favorites, and because I only have so much time in one day, I have to focus on the one's I really like. While still keeping current on my social networks, and posting Blog's.

I am probably not going to post again until Monday, when I will probably post the review for Qimo. A Linux/Ubuntu based Childrens Learning envirenment. Check it out in the links above.

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