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Friday, November 11, 2011

All freedom has a price...

I was thinking about Veterans day today, and what this holiday really means to me. What I kept thinking about was the sacrifices the United States military makes every day for our continued freedom's. The fact is the struggle for freedom is one countless soldiers throughout our history have paid the ultimate price for. I keep thinking of the fact that freedom, is not free. Freedom takes sacrifice, for the ideals that you choose to live for.

So what is that cost? If you were an accountant you might try to tell me the millions of dollars that it costs to fund a military force. If you were a person who has lost a loved one, then you would tell me how much it hurts to have a piece of your heart missing.

I think that the soldiers pay an incredible price. They sacrifice their time, while serving. Many times they place themselves in very dangerous situations to defend our civil liberties. There are soldiers who many times spend their entire lives trying to recover from their time in the service of their country.

Because of These incredible people I am able to help teach others about their electronic freedom. They have the right to choose an open-source platform. They also have the right to customize that software to fit their individual needs.  They also have the right to help others learn how to meet their needs with software that has been developed in an open-source fashion. And just for the record the "Free" in Free & Open-Source Software actually refers to the freedom of software.

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