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Friday, November 25, 2011

Wanda the gnome Linux fish of wisdom

Today I want to talk about a nice little gnome panel applet called Wanda the fish. I was inspired by a post OMGubuntu did on a Thanksgiving day post. So I am thankful for OMGubuntu, and many other great Linux/open-source Blogs out there today.

I have noticed the Wanda the fish applet in the list of applets that you could install on a Ubuntu/Linux panels. Although the wisdom giving functionality was never built into Ubuntu out of the box. As a side-note Linux mint has always had built in mint-styled Wanda wisdom. Here is a screen shot for Wanda on Mint 11.

With Ubuntu 11.10 being based on gnome 3, I was disappointed in Losing Wanda the fish functionality. Mainly because the geek humor, that really sets Linux apart.


 $ sudo apt-get install fortune-mod

will install wanda's wisdom on Ubuntu. 

If you are still  using a gnome classic Ubuntu, like I am with my classic Ubuntu MM 11.10 you can also free Wanda the fish from her pedestal in your gnome panel.  Once Wanda is released from the bar, she will randomly swim across your screen. If you click her  while she is swimming across the screen she will quickly bolt off of the  screen.  This functionality is not built into the new gnome shell extension yet. Also to put her back in her fish-bowl, and make her stop swimming randomly across the screen; you will need to re-start your panel. You can do this by either simply logging out && back in again, re-boot the computer. If your impatient, and not afraid of typing commands killall gnome-panel to restart your window manager, to stop Wanda.  So if you are scared of the terminal, then just re-boot your box.

does this terminal really scare you?

I would encourage you that if you are an Ubuntu user that you may want to test the new menu applet "Wanda the fish".  I will say that I have not been able to find out how to get it working from my Ubuntu 11.10 net-book. I am definitely going to install this on my desktop as well. It did take me a few minutes to figure out that I needed to:
Here I am chasing Wanda away from my media player banshee, while listening to my favourite Linux/mint pod cast minCast.

Alt. + F2 = indicator-fish

If you are like me and would like to get Wanda working on your Ubuntu desktop:

$ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:dylanmccall/indicator-fish
<PW/enter> <y/enter>
$ sudo apt-get update
$sudo apt-get install indicator-fish
 Also check out this great OMBubuntu article for further information.

OMGubuntu: catch of the Day: Wanda the fish indicactor

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