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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thank you Bryan Lunduke from Radialbreeze

First I want to thank Bryan Lunduke independent software/comic-book creator and co-host of the Linux Action show.

He has been getting jerked around by the world's largest fruit co.

Don't believe me go check it out for yourself...

Although some accuse him of "being negative in the freedom dimension", he open-sourced his Lunduke_SDKsoftware development kit, Lunduke_compiler, Lunduke_forums,  Lunduke_Language; which form the basis for an application building software called the "illumination software creator". Which is basically software that writes for software. It is an easy way to turn a diagram of what you want your software to do, into an actual app that will work on almost any platform available. Also you can run the program from Linux, as source, Ubuntu-Linux, RPM redhat/fedora/SUSE, windows, and even osx. Even though they are determined not to pay him for his time. I finally got a copy for myself. My roommate has it on her computer, when a name your own price sale was going; so I have already looked at some of the tutorials. Also illumination is now, and possibly forever on a "pay what you feel it is worth($5-100) sale."

Bryan also writes a really neat web-comic called 2299 8-bit comic strip where all of the characters are space-ships. follow him at twitter to keep up w/ the daily web-comics. I was able to get a copy of the game based upon this web-comic: 2299:The Game.

Although I am genuinely more satisfied to Bryan's comic "road-sign Hank & the alien".
 I have been hearing about it for many moon's now on LAS, but waiting to have even a few extra dollars. I am even more hoping for more renditions of Road-sign hank, and the Aliens~! I almost forgot to mention that Bryan's software was/is/always will be drm free. Bryan respects the user's right to help spread the word of his comic

The only thing I did not get in the Save_his_house_from_Apple sale, was bryan's beta app. the Linux Tycoon: Linux builder's like I said in beta so it's only four mere dollars, and it might go up to five one it's out of beta testing.

Bryan is a goat-hearder, nerd, and comic creator. Bryan is so old-school he runs a forum, and a BBS...
I follow him on
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facebook/G+: Bryan Lunduke

my Jan. 1st OSc show...

Introduction segment:

Welcome to open-source construction...

We are here today to talk about building computer skills with open-source software.

I want to first welcome all of my guests today, who are privileged to catch our very first episode.
I am broadcasting today from Cambridge, MA near Boston on the first Sunday of the year 2012. I thought this day would be a very symbolic launch date for our new channel.

I chose the name OSC_T.V. for my channel after my Blog( open-source construction. open-source construction is also the name of this community as a whole.
I chose the name open-source construction to represent my community, because I want to help people to build computer skills, with open-source software tools. The best part is that if you are watching me, right now you already have a construction site of your own...your computer. Because you are watching this broadcast it also means that you have Internet access, which means you have access to all of the tools that you will need to Learn about your computer with us.

I want to take a moment and say that here @ open-source construction, we will never judge your choice of Operating system platform. I honestly don’t care whether you choose to use windows, mac, or Linux. What I do care about, is that you are Learning about your computer using open-source software.
Although I will admit that I know very little about using a mac OSX computer. I know windows, and Linux quite well.

Are there any Linux fans in the audience today?

How many of you are using a mac, or windows Operating system?

If anyone wants to know what flavor or distro.(short for distribution) that I use, I use primarily debian/Ubuntu based distribution’s. My favorite distribution is Linux mint 12, which I am using right now. I am primarily a gnome user, although I sometimes use KDE, or LXDE Desktop Environment. A DE(or desktop environment) is a fancy way of saying User interface. I multi-boot many different Linux distro’s on my net-book, and my desktop computer. many have special purposes, such as Mythbuntu for using my HP multimedia ctr. PC as a T.V. tuner.

I want to take a moment and let people know where they can follow OSC on their favorite social Networks.

~Twitter: osconstructinl
Twitter is where I follow (OS)software announcements-newsletters, and tweet about my Blog posts.
I would really appreciate it if I can get some of my viewers today to “Like” my group so that you can keep in touch with on your facebook.
~Google+: open-source construction;
On Google+ what I am looking for is people to Circle my page so they can follow me, as well as +1 as many stories that I share as possible.
~reddit: 0sconstruction(please note that the first character is a “Zero”);
I get a ton of material for my Blog, and inspiration for this show from reddit. Reddit lets you vote up or down, the stories that you like or dis-like.
My favorite subRedits are:
technology, technewstoday, techsnap, cyberlaws
google, google+, googlechrome, firefox, software,
Linux, linux4noobs, linuxactionshow, mintcast,
todayilearned, WTF, && askreddit
~Digg: open-source construction;
I get a ton of topics from I am a consistent leader in the digg open-source newsroom. Usually I am in the top three. I like how digg rewards you with emblems for reading, commenting, and submitting high quality stories.

**I have also created a youtube channel for open-source construction, where my videos will get reposted, after I have finished with Ustream. **

***Also note that I am using Google Docs, and evernote to research, and write the notes for today's broadcast. My evernote Username is turtle_711.***

Main topic: What is open-source?

the GNU foundation definition of free software:

>>>What are the 4 freedom’s of software...

open-source initiative definition:

>>>10 qualifications to be approved by the open-source initiative...

>>>copy left vs. Non-copy left (why not copy-right???)...

>>>What is gratis software?

>>>did you know that freeWare is most of the time not even open-source developed, or shared to the greater Internet community to allow for innovation...

>>>the war between open-source software && free-software???...

>>>How does open-source prevent “Vendor Lock-in”???

Their underlying motives, and principles almost perfectly coincide with each other. The main & simplest difference between open-source software, and free software is that; open-source software took the implied openness of the code, and added open-development & education services.

...the open-source education...

 RMS talks about the philosephy of open-source software...

Let’s not be open-source free-loaders...

There is a chance for anyone, of any skill level to help the community. Let’s try not to complain unless there is thought behind, possible improvements. Let’s try as open-source users to be corteous to all of our fellow software users.
protect_I.P. how it breaks down...

Sub-topic: SOPA/PIPA

Stop SOPA! A Plea from the Inventors of the Internet

reactOS, a very beta stage product to better run windows sofware, from the ground up; but this time it will be much more naturally usable...I am hoping that it could run my zune software, my legos games(including...Legos_on-line), or even another challenge to...

What if a fully GNU Licensed project could be developed to run macOSX totally from scratch(because remember apple would never release their source code into the public...

2 general questions for mac users asked to the chat room???

>>what is the rename keyboard shortcut on a mac??

>>what do people think of the “natural scrolling”???

I also gave a quick 5 minute talk on how to switch windows with a really handy keyboard method. I went over using the alt-tab switch. I forgot to mention the windows key(“Super” key in Linux) will often activate a seperate graphical effect like on compiz I like ring switcher, and windows vista & 7 has the 3D flip. I think I might have forgotten to mention that you can use the shift to switch between other modes...