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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thank you Bryan Lunduke from Radialbreeze

First I want to thank Bryan Lunduke independent software/comic-book creator and co-host of the Linux Action show.

He has been getting jerked around by the world's largest fruit co.

Don't believe me go check it out for yourself...

Although some accuse him of "being negative in the freedom dimension", he open-sourced his Lunduke_SDKsoftware development kit, Lunduke_compiler, Lunduke_forums,  Lunduke_Language; which form the basis for an application building software called the "illumination software creator". Which is basically software that writes for software. It is an easy way to turn a diagram of what you want your software to do, into an actual app that will work on almost any platform available. Also you can run the program from Linux, as source, Ubuntu-Linux, RPM redhat/fedora/SUSE, windows, and even osx. Even though they are determined not to pay him for his time. I finally got a copy for myself. My roommate has it on her computer, when a name your own price sale was going; so I have already looked at some of the tutorials. Also illumination is now, and possibly forever on a "pay what you feel it is worth($5-100) sale."

Bryan also writes a really neat web-comic called 2299 8-bit comic strip where all of the characters are space-ships. follow him at twitter to keep up w/ the daily web-comics. I was able to get a copy of the game based upon this web-comic: 2299:The Game.

Although I am genuinely more satisfied to Bryan's comic "road-sign Hank & the alien".
 I have been hearing about it for many moon's now on LAS, but waiting to have even a few extra dollars. I am even more hoping for more renditions of Road-sign hank, and the Aliens~! I almost forgot to mention that Bryan's software was/is/always will be drm free. Bryan respects the user's right to help spread the word of his comic

The only thing I did not get in the Save_his_house_from_Apple sale, was bryan's beta app. the Linux Tycoon: Linux builder's like I said in beta so it's only four mere dollars, and it might go up to five one it's out of beta testing.

Bryan is a goat-hearder, nerd, and comic creator. Bryan is so old-school he runs a forum, and a BBS...
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