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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Noob Ubuntu install party...

the now endangered pangolin...
Noob Ubuntu Install party.....

I might be exaggerating a bit when I say noob. She's been using Ubuntu since @ least Karmic Koala. She just had a different friend install it for her. By install it I mean install it badly...

There were actually three separate SWAP partitions.  SWAP is what caches the applications, along with the Main system memory. I had to use the built in "disc tools" && "Gparted" to delete & set new partition boundaries,  and the Ubuntu installer 2 set format/mount points:35(GB) /(root/base of the file system)/(100gb /home). I like keeping the system files(that keep the Operating system operating), separate from the user files/settings. That way even if the noob user fills their hard drive w/ different Linux distributions they want to try the operating system will keep well...Operating.

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Although she is new to the Unity interface. She has never really taken to multiple workspaces, until 12.04 Precise Pangolin. I also showed it off to her friend who is always asking me about why her window$ computer does crazy things. I haven't Used windows in almost 6 months...:/

I always make sure that codec/dvd support are configured, along w/ all updates. I also did the fastest server test. I set the updates to security(auto update/install), regular updates weekly, and kept it LTS(Long-term support 4 the next 5 years version updates only selected. I installed very few apps:Google chrome/talk-plugin, FBreader(e-book, pdf, epub...etc reader), synaptic(mainly so she can search wallpapers & get former Ubuntu/Gnome/KDE wallpapers. The initial backup of the /home folder(w/ the downloads folder included) to her external hdd. Before the backup, we backed up a dying Ipod and verified that her Ipod-touch works perfectly.

baby pangolin...their @ least cut when their Little.
All in all the whole operation was about 3 1/2 hours long give/take. It would have been much faster w/ My readt to go USB thumb drive. On older laptops it is common for the BIOS to have options for USB HDD, USB CDrom, USB super disk, but none of those options work. As was the case yesterday when my usb flash drive, and external DVD burner refused to boot the OS. I ended up installing from the HP from the internal combo drive.

Overall this was one of the smoothest installations I have done in a long time.

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