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Sunday, December 11, 2011

DJL-Linux gaming evolved

I have heard many people think that there is no good games for Linux. Now I could get furiously mad, because I know the truth; or I could just show you truth.

~Inspired by Valve's Steam platform for windows.
~simple install_I will walk you through it.
~works on any Gnu/Linux distribution.
~has 156 current games as of this writing.
~written in python 2.5
~Licensed under the GNU public license, so it is fully open-source.
~allows for easy one-click install/un-install of games.
~Through the use of plugins allows for in-game chat on certain games.
~98% of the software has a free-ware or GNU public license.

Easy install:

step one:

click on this download link to download the compressed archive. I recommend saving this file to your Downloads folder within your User's home folder.

step two:

uncompress the archive. To do this simply right click on the compressed archive, and click "extract here".

step three:

navigate within the newly created djl folder. next right click anywhere in that folder, that is not a file or folder. In the context menu that shows up, you will need to click "open in terminal".

step four:

type in the next command:

$ sh

***Please note that you may need to input this command into your terminal before step four will complete successfully and launch djl....$ sudo apt-get install python-Qt4***

**Also note that in my Linux mint 12 install I had to click the button on the main screen of djl "add a shortcut on KDE/Gnome panel".** 
step five: 
Install games.
Next click on the repository tab.  Once you have found a game that you want, all you need to do is to click the install button. to watch the downloads/installations click on the Downloads tab on the far Left of the screen.

notice that I am downloading to install the game Wolfenstein: Enemy territory.

Now I would like to show you some of my top ten favorite games within the djl game manager.

open sonic-A well done sonic the hedgehog game licensed under the GPL.
This game has an innovative tag team system.

smokin-guns-A firt person 3D shooter game in a spaghetti western style.

Alien-Arena-A 3D FPS, where you destroy random aliens.

ASCIIportal-A 2D portal game, that looks like it came from the days of the comidore 64.

digital paint paintball- A paint-ball 3D FPS.

Neverball-A 3d ball rolling game. you control the tilt of the landscape through your mouse/tracpad, while you try to get enough stars, avoid obstacles, and finish by ending in the finish hole.

NeverPutt-A 3D miniature golf game similar to neverball.

warsow-A cell-shaded 3D FPS game. Also available for mac or windows, so your friend's can play along.

super tux-kart-a fun little game similar to mario-kart in play style, but with open-source mascots for characters.

racer-a great Racing simulater, that started as a driving simulator. This game was based on the source code from the open-source racing game torcs.

djl home page
djl description
Download djl

list of available games on djl game manager

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