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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Humble bundle 4: Get it b4 it's gone

I am happy to announce that the humble indie bundle 4, was just released yesterday. Now if you have not heard of the Humble indie bundle, then you have probably been hiding under some sort of digital rock for the last year or so.

These games are now fully cross platform on all modern operating systems. What that means is that you can purchase the games, and play them on either your windows, Apple, or Linux operating system. This is super exciting to me because it is a fantastic way to usher in a host of games into the Linux gaming arena. I still run into the myth on a regular basis, that Linux has no good games for it. This couldn't be further from the truth. Actually Linux users in previous indie bundle, have consistently been the most charitable givers.

Did I mention that the proceeds of these games are going to incredible charities. The two main charities are Child play, and the American red-cross.

First off is the child's play charity, which has been around since 2003. Child's play charity works with hospitals worldwide to find what kinds of games and gaming systems can be used in various hospitals to help make the recovery process an enjoyable experience. Let's help bring children in need of hope a light in their dark, and scary times.

The American red cross is a disaster relief organization. These days it seems like every where you turn there is a natural disaster getting ready to strike. When the disastrous Earthquake in Hatti struck, the American Red-cross was there to do everything in it's power to end the suffering of the local Haitian people.

Now for a sneak peak @ the games:

Super Meat Boy

The game I am most wanting to play.




 Bit.Trip Runner:

NightSky HD:

Now if you pay above the average price, you also get the following two games. The avg. price was only five dollars and some change when I was there, which was amazing considering the retail value of the games all together is $100 and the proceeds go to charity.

Gratuitous Space Battles:

 Cave Story+:


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